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General Obgetctives:

Strengthen the professional lexicon and consolidate grammatical structures in order to be comfortable in professional communication situations.


Person who has already upgraded to English and wishes to develop his fluency in work-related communication situations.


Assessment test



1500 € HT (Coaching entering in the framework of a partnership of exchange of good procedure to come)

Modalities of the training:


to define with the learner


Acquisition / revision of basic grammatical and lexical elements:
Make simple and complex sentences
Use the correct times and modes (present, future, past, perfect, modality …)
The concordance of the times
To ask questions
Formulate affirmative and negative answers
Reformulate a sentence not included
Know how to recognize and correct the error in the construction of a sentence
Basic professional written practice in English
Writing Business Documents: E-mail Letters
Understand and reply to email or an email
Identify the purpose and nature of the mail
Decrypt abbreviations
Acquire more sustained structures
Intercultural notions
Basic Business Conversational Practice in English
Know how to talk about yourself:
Present your career
Know how to explain one’s duties, present one’s work, describe one’s activities
Talk about his projects, his motivations
Take an interest in his interlocutors:
Know, understand and analyze their oral messages
Create a favourable climate for exchange
Welcoming a foreign customer (basic home packages)
Making appointments, reservations, confirmations, cancellations
Request and provide information
Reformulate queries
Make proposals and quotes
Receiving a call
Greeting a contact person on the phone (courtesy, presentation)
Spell and spell coordinates (last name, first name, phone number)
Identify the subject of the call
Question and rephrase
Direct the person to the contact or the requested service
Take a message and contact information
Urge someone to wait
Conversational Business Tourism Practice
Perform customs formalities
To reserve a hotel room
Take the transport
Ask and indicate his way,
Make purchases (price, size, color, etc.)
Order at the restaurant,

Teaching methods

Conversation exercises (role plays, simulations)
Viewing and listening to authentic or semi-authentic documents
(Information, reports, films, songs, educational documents)
Handshake with English speakers, tests.
Dedicated e-learning program option accessible 24/24 and 7/7.
Video projection, white-board

Stakeholder identities and profiles

Yannick ANDRE, consultant trainer in English and founder of IMLC.
Holder of a DEA in languages ​​and civilizations English speaking, his approach is perfect for anyone wishing
to master English in a professional context

Information and contacts

Training Location: INTER MEDIA LANGUES CARAÏBES – 14 Rue Alexandre Lemercier 97190 Le Gosier
Interlocutors at the disposal of trainees:
Inscriptions: Lucina BAZAR (Training Assistant)
Program and teaching method: Sandra LOCATIN (consultant trainer in foreign languages)
Such. : 0590 91 03 57

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