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Objectifs pédagogiques :

The English training “Survival Kit” focuses on travelling abroad: from the passage to the customs to the order at the restaurant while passing by the purchases of souvenirs … The objective is to acquire the essential notions to understand and to be understood in usual situations of travel.
Focused mainly on the oral, this training, attached to the essential, allows to dare to speak in English.




Assessment test


20h (spread over 2h classes)


490 € H.T


Monday and Wednesday 18h-20h


The construction of the sentence

Make simple sentences
Use correct times and modes (present, past, future, conditional, modals …)
Ask questions Formulate affirmative and negative responses Integrate the request to reformulate a sentence not understood Accept the notion of error in the construction of a phrase Conversational practice of travel

Greet and introduce yourself

Formulate information about your age, identity, background and other personal information

Getting around

Take the plane / the boat: Go to an airport / port, carry out police and customs formalities, understand the staff on board
Get around town: ask for directions, know the different modes of transport, take metro, taxi, bus …, rent a car


Introduce yourself at the reception of a hotel Discuss with the hotel staff Make a complaint

Feeding yourself

Know some typical dishes
Order at the restaurant: understand a menu, courtesies
Vocabulary of food

Make purchases

Buy souvenirs

What to do in an emergency?

Describe his symptoms
Vocabulary of the human body

End of course evaluation

Teaching methods

Conversation exercises (role plays, simulations)
Viewing and listening to authentic or semi-authentic documents
(Information, reports, films, songs, educational documents).
Video projection, paper board

Stakeholder identities and profiles

● To be defined

Information and contacts

Training location:

● INTER MEDIA LANGUAGES CARIBBEAN – 14 Rue Alexandre Lemercier 97190 The


Such. : 0590 91 03 57
Mob: 0690 09 08 19
And also:

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