General Terms & Conditions

French in Guadeloupe

These terms and conditions of sale apply to all students at the school. We advise you to read them and try to understand them. If you have any comments or questions, do not hesitate to ask the school staff for help.


Tuition fees do not include external exams, books, registration fees, accommodations, extra activities or transportation.


To be admitted to French in Guadeloupe (IMLC), the student must be 18 years old or 16 years old if he / she has parental authorization.
Minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by their parents or legal representatives. Unaccompanied minors are automatically placed with a host family.
The details, prices and conditions of cancellation relating to accommodation packages are available on request or on our website
French in Guadeloupe (IMLC) can not be held responsible in case of difficulties to obtain a visa. long stay or a residence permit upon presentation of a certificate of pre-registration or registration in one of its courses.


The school is open all year except holidays. Students can start classes every Monday, except when it falls on a holiday. In this case, classes start the next day, namely Tuesday. The school is closed on weekends. The school is open to all students between 8 am and 4 pm, Monday to Friday. Activities, such as parties or movie screenings, may occur outside of these hours.


The minimum registration period is one week.
The duration of a class is 55 minutes.


When they arrive at school, all students take a test to determine their level of French. These tests will allow them to be placed in the group corresponding to their level. The tests and placement procedures in the groups take place from 8h to 10h. As a result, the school can not guarantee that students will be able to attend classes during this time.
The customer can register par e-mail by e-mail at the following address:
You must read carefully the general conditions of registration and the annex on our website
All tuition fees must be paid before the start of classes, which guarantees a place in the chosen course. Students will not be able to attend classes until all payment has been received. In case of late presentation, its place in the chosen course is no longer guaranteed. In the same way, the accommodation will not be booked until all the fees have been paid. The school requests that the payment be made at least two weeks before the student’s arrival.
For students requiring a visa to enter Guadeloupe, note that the letter of admission to the school can be given after receipt of payment. If the students need the original letter of admission to school, the school will send them by registered letter (estimated delivery time: 2 weeks). Otherwise, the school will send them by DHL for a cost of 50 euros, payable in advance (estimated delivery time: 2 weeks).
The client must present himself at the reception service of French in Guadeloupe (IMLC) the first day of the courses equipped with the following documents: a piece of identity (identity card, residence card or passport with a visa covering the duration of his stay) ; photo ID, parental permission for students aged 16 to 18; where applicable, the receipt of payment of the full tuition fee or the certificate of registration.
In the event that the client has not paid the full tuition fees, he must present himself to French in Guadeloupe (IMLC) on the first day of classes in order to finalize his registration for the courses chosen on his registration form. He must pay the balance of his tuition fees directly on site at French in Guadeloupe (IMLC). Payment can be made in cash.
When the customer makes his registration by e-mail, he has a right of withdrawal of 7 days, without having to provide a reason. This withdrawal period starts from the date of acceptance by the customer of the General Conditions of registration. When the seven-day period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday or holiday, it is extended to the next working day. The customer wishing to make use of his right of retraction is obliged to notify it, within the legal deadlines indicated above, in writing and by post to the following address: French in Guadeloupe (Inter Media Languages ​​Caribbean) 14 Rue Alexandre Lemercier 97190 Le Gosier.


We do our best to provide students with accommodation close to the school. We start looking for accommodation once the entire payment has been settled. The accommodation is confirmed only when the student receives, by e-mail, the official confirmation of reservation.
For students with a visa, we must receive confirmation that it has been approved to reserve the accommodation. In order for the school to book the accommodation and organize the transfer from the airport, the details of the student’s arrival must be sent by e-mail to
Copies of airline tickets are not accepted. For students requiring a visa, the visa confirmation confirmation letter is required.
Students agree to leave the accommodation booked by the school at the end of their internship, and agree not to try to arrange directly with the owners with whom the school works.
All students staying at the school must comply with the rules established by host families or owners. Students are responsible for the damage caused during their stay. All students residing in host families or studios are required to pay a deposit upon arrival for any damage caused in the ownership or loss of keys. The amount of the deposit is 100 € to be paid in cash directly to the owner.


Administrative fees apply to all registrations as indicated below:
65 € registration fee
65 € accommodation search fee (NON REFUNDABLE)


We do our best to make sure students have class at the times they want. This may not be possible in some cases and your placement in a group is likely to change in order to maintain a work environment that is as efficient as possible. The school can not guarantee a fixed schedule for students, even if we make every effort to respect the student’s initial request. The school reserves the right to change the schedule, cancel or group classes when necessary. No refund will be made.
Mobile phones

Students must ensure that cell phones are turned off during class.

Money transfer

Note that the payment made by a student can not be transferred to another student in the school, except when authorized by the Manager.

Delay, program change, changes

No change in the timetable will be accepted after the start of classes. French in Guadeloupe (IMLC) reserves the right to:

Cancel a class whose number of students would not be enough. If another class of equivalent level can not be offered, all tuition fees will be reimbursed.

If necessary, modify the timetables and schedules of the courses, provided that you inform the students in advance.

Change of course or accommodation formula

Holidays do not give rise to any refund, reduction or postponement. Class changes from one level to another are free, but must be approved by the pedagogical manager or director.
Please note that changes of course or accommodation formula are possible before the student’s arrival but will be subject to a fee of 50 € if the booking has already been confirmed.
Students will be placed in classes according to their level and may be changed to another group if necessary to ensure that they receive courses in line with their level. These changes must be approved by the pedagogical manager or director.
Accommodation changes are possible, free of charge, if the booking confirmation has not yet been sent to the student and if the school receives the request within 2 weeks before the arrival of the student.
Prior to arrival only, reservations can not be changed if the rental agreement has already begun.
If the student does not respect this deadline and wishes to change accommodation without notice, after the start of the rental contract, a rent of 2 weeks will be charged to students residing in apartment or foster home.
Studio bookings can not be canceled or modified. Therefore, the student will have to pay the entire booking period.
If students are not satisfied with their accommodation or if a conflict of interest arises, a change of accommodation will be made as soon as possible.

Students from the European Union
Course booking
Before arrival

If you wish to cancel or modify a course reservation and request a refund, all requests must be made in writing.
A change of course will be charged 50 €.
A cancellation will be charged:
225 € cancellation fee
65 € registration fee
50 € shipping (if applicable)

During classes

A cancellation or change of course after the arrival of the student is not possible. Therefore, no refund will be possible.
The student can not claim a refund after the start of classes. In this case, a credit can be made and at the discretion of the Manager. This credit is non-transferable and can be used within 12 months of issuance.

Students with a visa
Course booking
Before arrival

If you wish to cancel a course reservation and ask for a refund, note that you can only claim it in the event of a visa refusal: requests based on a visa refusal must be made in writing and be accompanied by a copy of the refusal letter.
You will not be able to claim a refund if your visa has been refused for the following reasons:

Students must not be absent without first informing the school.

  • False statements
  • Use of false documents
  • Non-disclosure of important information used in the registration and accommodation form and in the confirmation form

The school reserves the right to request the reason for refusal of the visa from the French authorities.
All refunds include the following fees:

  • 225€
  • 65€ course registration fee
  • 50€ shipping (if applicable)
  • Course changes that have been approved will be charged 50 €

Accommodation Reservations – Applicable to all students
If the accommodation has been reserved by the school, it can only be canceled before the student arrives if the school is informed in writing:

  1. Host family – at least 2 weeks before the student’s arrival
  2. Studio – at least 4 weeks before the student’s arrival

In case of cancellation, refunds will be made as indicated below:

  1. Host family: full refund of accommodation costs, minus 65 € booking fee
  2. Studio: reimbursement of accommodation costs, minus 2 weeks rent, minus 65 € booking fee

Cancellations made after the notice periods indicated above will be charged:

  1. Host family: reimbursement of accommodation costs, minus 4 weeks rent, minus 65 € booking fee and 3% credit card fee (if applicable)
  2. Studio: no refund

Once in school, accommodation changes will be possible based on availability if two weeks notice in writing has been given for host family accommodation. The administrative costs are charged 50 €. No change is tolerated for students with a studio.

General informations

All refunds are made by bank transfer. Refunds can take up to 6 weeks and any request must be made from our refund request form, available upon request.
Refunds will only be made to the person or agency that has paid the full fees. Refunds are not possible for group bookings unless authorized by the Manager.
When the student violates the Terms and Conditions of Sale, and is therefore not eligible for a refund, a credit note may be issued at the discretion of the Manager. This credit is non-transferable and can be used within 12 months of issuance.


The school’s policy, like that of other schools, is to grant refunds only in the event of refusal of a visa, provided that all the conditions are respected. All other cases are not eligible for refunds and exceptions will only be made at the discretion of the Manager. Be sure to read and understand the terms defined in the Refunds section: for any remark or question, feel free to contact us by e-mail before making your reservation.

Bank charges

All bank transfers are subject to fees. The school does not support these costs. Therefore, you must include them in your bank transfer.

Postpone your stay

If you are not eligible for a refund, you may want to come to school at a later date. This is possible if you notify the school at least one week in advance. Registration and bank transfer fees will be deducted from the remaining fees.
For students wishing to take a vacation

Duration of classes:

Between 1 and 4 weeks: 0
Between 5 and 12 weeks: 2 weeks allowed
Between 13 and 23 weeks: 4 weeks allowed
Between 24 and 47 weeks: 6 weeks allowed
48 weeks and more: 9 weeks allowed

All students wishing to take a vacation are requested to inform the school beforehand. Student absences must be announced no later than the Wednesday preceding the holiday week. Students must not be absent without first informing the school.

If students do not inform the school of their absence, they will be noted absent and the school may notify the Immigration Office, which may make it difficult to apply for an extension or renewal of the visa. These rules also apply in the event of the student’s absence outside authorized vacation periods.
If, for any reason (illness, etc.), the student can not attend the classes, he must inform the school. No refund will be made.

Outings and excursions

French in Guadeloupe (IMLC) reserves the right to organize educational outings more or less regularly and invite students to participate. The latter are free to accept or refuse but will not be able to ask for reimbursement, in case of refusal, if the pedagogical outing lasts all day. French in Guadeloupe (IMLC) reserves the right to request a financial contribution to students as part of the educational outing.

Photographs and videos

During your stay at the school, photos or videos can be taken. These can be used to promote the school (website, social networks, etc.). If you do not wish to appear, you can inform the school before your arrival by sending an e-mail to the following address:


Health insurance, civil liability and in case of accident are the responsibility of the customer.


You are required to attend classes every day the school is open. The school keeps track of the class attendance of students. No refund or credit will be made in case of absence.


If the student does not respect the rules of the school, French in Guadeloupe (IMLC) reserves the right to interrupt the schooling of the student.

Satisfaction Questionnaires and Certifications

Students are required to complete the online satisfaction survey before the end of their stay. The questionnaire is accessible from the school’s website ( End-of-training certificates will be given at the end of the internship provided that the satisfaction questionnaire has been completed.

Certificate on the honor of the student

I declare to have enrolled in an internship at French in Guadeloupe (IMLC) located in Le Gosier. The details of this registration are indicated on the registration form.
I hereby confirm that:

I will attend classes at French in Guadeloupe (IMLC) regularly.

I will make sure that my schooling goes on under the best conditions and I will attend the evaluations throughout the duration of the internship

I will ensure that French in Guadeloupe (IMLC) is kept informed of my
current address for the duration of my stay and I will notify the school of any changes to my contact information within 10 days of the change.

I understand that French in Guadeloupe (IMLC) reserves the right to terminate my registration if the information provided during my registration was inaccurate, incomplete or not representative of my level of French.

I know that French in Guadeloupe School (IMLC) collects student data for administrative, academic and statutory reasons as well as for health and safety reasons. The school may be required to disclose this information to the Immigration Bureau, the Border Police, for exemption from local taxes and, if necessary, for any other information requested by the government.

Please refer to our Abuse and Exclusion Policy for more details.

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